14th January 2013

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Are people still seriously saying that Holmies are “just teenage fangirls”!?! Can I just say, I havent been a teenager for like 10 years! I wish I was still a teen at times! And as for us not beig interested in the case if James was 50 years old with bad skin and crooked teeth, well, I became interested in THE CASE before I even saw James tbh! So that’s a crock of shit as well! Yeah ok, some of us are teenagers who think he’s hot or whatever and that is why SOME of us are following he’s case! But really, get your facts straight before generalising, judging and popping off at everyone!… Christ!

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    Ya over half of the ppl who follow this case are older than 21
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    How can anyone compare James to a 50 year old guy with bad skin and crooked teeth?? James is an extraordinary...
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    Oh, I’m always 25. lol I really just turned 31 last month…I am a kid at heart though. :)
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    im gonna be 19 for the second time in June lol does that count as being a teen?
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    Shit I know. If you saw my daughters Facebook. OMG she is a singer stalker big time.
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